Sunday, May 27, 2012

Puerto Galera White Beach: Bus and Boat

From Buendia bus stop (there are two bus station there: one along Buendia-Taft and the is along Buendia highway). It would take two hours or more (depending on traffic) to get to Batanggas Port and it would take each passenger php 150-200 for bus fare depending on bus rate. Some bus rate are higher than the other, sorry though for I cannot tell which is which.

When at the Port: be careful to watch for your belongings co'z a lot of people both with good hearts and not are around you. Some shipping/boat staff will tell you to get boat tickets from them. A boat ticket will cost php 250 one way but some shipping lines will give you discounts of 450 if you get a two way ticket. After getting the ticket you need to pay for an environmental fee which cost you php 50 (Senior citizens though has to pay php 40 only as long as you have your ID with you), and children 12yr old and blow are exempted together with those who lives in Puerto Galera and Oriental Mindoro Province.

Boats leaves Batanggas port at 6am first trip and 5pm is the last trip. Then Boats leaves Puerto Galera (whichever Beach you are) at 7am first trip and 430 last trip. Make sure that you confirmed the shipping/boat staff about your ticket an hour early from the departure time when leaving Puerto Galera beach to avoid hassle or any trouble. Make sure you are around boat vicinity an hour ahead.

When it regards to the hotel, Appartelle or Inn for your stay, You could either book online or go to the place and do the booking while you're already there. Nothing to worries co'z there are loads of place to stay and the beach is open in season and out season (I mean summer or not).

I am writing this in the hope that I myself and my friends will be able to use it whenever they think of going to Puerto Galera. My inspiration of writing are my friends that comes from the other country and who's heart are set to enjoy the mesmerizing white or Sabang beach, not to mention the falls and other beautiful scenery in this place. It's indeed more fun in the Philippines!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Skin Pampering in mind

It's been awhile now that I been wanting to go to a spa: for a full body massage, to go to a salon: for a hair-care, foots-spa, manicure and pedicure, warts removal and a whole lot more. When sometimes I happen to visit department store, I can't help myself but look on the beauty section and try looking for cheap beauty products.

It sad thing to say that even though I saw some (not maybe the cheapest but still compare to the original price), but I still cannot buy it co'z I don't have a cash with me and hubby is nowhere to be found as well. I wish that someone would gift me cleopatra's product, specially this time that it's cleopatras choice sale, these product is definitely good for a stayed at home mom.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

She's a cry baby today :(

She's not happy today I don't know why. Her fever have left her already since last night which makes me and hubby very thankful.  I tried to read her books with but she just seems not interested. She keeps on making a baby-cry sound but no tears in her eyes though. She doesn't want milk, water, or toys, all that she wants is tossed herself around.

She doesn't even want to watch her most favorite video. We play it on just a few minutes ago but she just doesn't care at all. I wonder though if her tummy is aches, or her gums is really hurts so bad because of coming out teeth, or just nothing at all. Probably she'll quit crying if I give her a 70s retro candy or give her the dolls below. Well, I don't really know the cause of the cry, but as a mom, my baby could always depend  on me co'z my love will never fail even with such annoying tantrums.

 beautiful rag dolls
personalizable rag doll + accessories

It's crazy but it's true...

...that I'm feelin' a little bit low. We have a little party last night here at house for my sister in-law twenty-fourth  birthday. She actually had only one visitor: her best friend from work. We had spaghetti, stir-fried noodles (or pansit canton), fried chicken and a cake.

Though the cake was not for sure good as the berries cake but it served well with me. I probably could consume a whole round one  in three days co'z it's really yummy. I know full well that It's hard to do that co'z I'm with the in-laws and doing such would horrify them. But it bogs me co'z I know I can buy a whole bunch of it if I really want to, but I don't want to do that. It bogs me also that I cannot do my thing to avoid bad talks.

I am having this annoying feeling and it's putting me down. I wish hubby would buy me this get well gifts to ease feelings like this. I'm thankful though that I have this blog of mine to write my thoughts feelings and emotions.
yummy berry candy's/cake
Full Half Dozen Gourmet Dipped Swizzled Berries

How could anyone mean more to me....

...than you two :). I could never imagine a life without the two love of my life.
Happy birthday daddy Doy! (May 6,1985).
Love you! God bless!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I am not a coffee addict co'z I can still go without coffee but I won't hide the truth that most of the time I really crave to have a cup of it. I like it more with cream and sugar but there are rare times that I want it black and bitter which is weird (but that is just happen once in a blue moon if there's a blue moon really). My office-mate has went withdrawal stage when she decided to quit coffee for awhile. I just hope happen to me.

I just wonder though how those people feeling-those who is addicted to coffee and cigarette and alcohol. I just can't think what would happen to them when they will tried to stop doing such. They probably go crazy for awhile which is a very awful feeling. Quitting is really hard specially when you're really not into it specially now a days that temptations are all over the place. When you go to the mall coffee shops are everywhere, famous cigars shops are in every corner, and alcohol is very cheap.

I hope though that those who decide to quit will have great will power to indeed put and end if these things just give them trouble.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The need to chill in a hotel :)

The heat is driving me to think of a cooler place such as North America or an up town place or  a cold hotel room or just as simple and the cheapest of them all... a mall, but none of that I'm going.. which is so sad.  I was browsing online the other night hoping to see a cheaper deal for a hotel stay, but, alas! I found... none! All hotels are expensive, it's beyond my budget.

Well, I was hoping though that I'll be able to see a cheap deal in the hotel where we stayed after my wedding. Yet the cost for a night stay with breakfast is less than two thousand five hundred but no more than that. It's quite tempting to book for a night but I did not give in to the temptation, I held my ground. I just dream about it instead, in fact I'm day dreaming that I'm inside the cold room snuggling with hubby while watching a movie on a flat screen tv standing on it's flat screen TV mounts. A room with no mess and nothing to clean about. Then  have a full body massage in the room. Wow! what a life.

I wish someone will book a night for me as a birthday present. This would be an awesome gift.

My Princess Ziah :)

Yup! she is our adorable little princess, and this little princess is lying down close to her tita right now watching a baby einstein video on tita Lara's cellphone. She cries whenever video loads because she thought that Lara turn it off, what a funny baby! With all these baby's whining and crying and mess and all.... it's just make me love her more!
I love you more anak!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Normal and wishful thinking!

I like to watch American Idol specially now that Jennifer Lopez is one of the judges, I don't idolized her but I just like her as a person. I know she has loads of flaws but since I don't really know what she is going through with her life I still just don't care. Still I think she lives a sound life. I hope and pray though that one day she'll give her life to Jesus!

Thinking of her made me also think of the wealth she had accumulated because of being an artist, and thinking of wealth made me also wonder how does it feel to be rich. Having billions in the bank, huge mansions, a lot of house help, always good food on the table, loads of cars and a huge lawn.  I don't know what I would do with my life if I'm living in a life like this. I can't even imagine a life like it.

Probably if I have a lawn like this (picture below) I probably have loads of push reel mower just like that picture below and of course with that I'll hire loads of people to do my lawn.  I might also put up an orphanage and I won't look for volunteers but instead hire people to take good care of the kids and the admin.

(photos are from the Google and not own)

One thing is for sure though... If I am rich... I'll help people. I will make programs that just won't help them get though the night but a program that will help them a life time!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mom's Day! all mom out there, I salute you co'z you, nothing compares to you!
Happy mother's day!

Friday, May 11, 2012

I need to buy a dvd player

...I just don't know when though. Our dvd player got broken December last year, just on time when we are about to move with the in-laws. It got broken because we always play our little Z's baby einstein videos. Playing the video helped us make stay in one corner specially this time that she can now crawl fast, it's sometimes hard to make her just sit and not to go to things or area in the house that is not suitable for children to play.

In-laws dvd's is almost waving it's good bye too co'z there were times when it got stuck and doesn't play. So this means that we need to buy a new dvd player and of course with that we also might purchase dvds for Ziah and for our viewings too. I haven't been to the movie store for a long time now and thinking of a visit there makes me excited.

Hopefully  I could visit soon!

Rants about last night

I can't help but write down my day to day life as a daughter/sister in-law, a mom and a wife. The mother in-law is a working mom and I'm always left alone with the in-laws since school is off because it's summer vacation. This means I have to prepare food for them co'z the mom in-law is away. Then I have to cook food for dinner even with times that I don't feel like it.

I am not complaining at all co'z before we live with them I told myself I will do this as my ministry since I don't do ministry at church I will instead do it with hubby's fam. Yet, tough times really comes even to ministries and I had last night. Hubby came home when it was almost dark and he asked for food, but the your's truly here haven't prepared anything yet co'z I was watching american idol.

Hubby didn't mind at all that there's no food yet but he nagged me again about the credit card I borrowed from him the previous day. He scolded me for not returning it in his wallet co'z he went to the grocery to buy some stuff that I asked him to and when he was about pay the items the card wasn't there. So he came home annoyed and irritated.

Then what's add to the not so good mood in the house was it's after eight already and I was still cooking when we run out of cooking gas. So mom has to go out to buy and she came home she got the wrong gas tank co'z it wouldn't fit and the hose was kind of rusty, so these things made hubby's world pitch black and he became more irritated. How I wish the hose was made of teflon hose so that it will last for sometimes and probably would make things easier.

Anyways, we ate late and praise God things are good again today.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I can't make it small :(

This the text for my previous post. I tried to make it small or at least screen fit but I don't know why it just won't let me.

That photo of my daughter with her aunt was taken last Monday during our family outing. I did not enjoy the swimming that much because the pool water was very dirty and still there were loads of children and adult swimming in. The resort was not our first choice, in fact it was never in our list or plan.

The agreed venue just did not suit to one of hubby's aunt reason we went looking for another resort again. I was not that satisfied, but still with in-laws around it was still fun.

Almost over the edge

This is just a wife rant and nothing is too serious!

I almost gave up and give in to my normal self and forget about the in-laws were around. My beloved almost drove me real crazy with his annoying nagging about my scattered stuff; e.g. netbook on the couch, charger on the chair, mouse pad and mouse on  the dining table and plus my little Z's stuff were all around the house too.

It's probably just okay with me when he would nagged me about all these stuff when its just us, but it's really different thing when in-laws are around and hubby is talking to me like boss reprimanding his secretary. The thing is, when hubby starts seeing things he doesn't like.. he even dig  deeper and goes beyond what is normally seen, he's like a barcode scanner that scans things in our house, making sure everything is in the way it should be just like the way he puts it.

It actually drives me crazy when he's like that. It made me want to  mess more just to get even with him. It made me wish in-laws are somewhere and not home so that I can just be me and yell back to the husband(ness). Yet all I could do is wish and still look nice even though I'm burning inside. Then after a few hours we're good again.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Video Conference with friends abroad...

Not a good phone talker I am nor with video talking, I'd rather send a long letter where you can read five minutes than talk an hour. There was this time when hubby was away and did not text co'z he was saving his load for a call but  I told hubby to send me a text rather.

A friend to lives in South America called last week through a video call. We talked for about an hour I'm so annoyed of myself co'z I don't have any interesting topic to tell knowing we haven't seen or talk for a long time already.  All I can say was: "hi, hello, and how are you?" Then another friend wrote to us a letter telling us a bunch of things and for her last message she said we need to set a date for a video call.

What bogs me with regards to this video call is it's sometimes hard to connect and a lot of other undesirable things like lost connections or no voice heard or no picture/image either of the lines. These things happen specially when we're doing a conference call. How I wish hubby know something about video conferencing solutions so that he can easily fix  or trouble shoot any video calling troubles.

Friday, May 4, 2012

For a good laugh

The following has been selected and collected for all the English teachers who may have made it thus far in this book. These are a collection of notices in what may have been intended to be written in plain English. Upon reading this, our only hope is that somehow our language will survive.
 *From a hotel in Moscow: "If this is your first visit to the USSR, you are welcome to it."
 *Notice found in a travel agency in Barcelona: "Go away."
 *A Tokyo hotel has this notice on its elevator doors: "Do not open door until door opens first."
 *Another Tokyo hotel posted: "Is forbidden to steal towels, please. If you are not person to do such, please
   not to read notice."
 *A butcher in Nahariyya, Israel: "I slaughter myself twice daily."
 *This from a barber in Zanzibar: "Gentlemen's throats cut with nice sharp razors."
 *Hotel del Paseo, Mexico City: "We sorry to advice you that by a electric desperfect  in the generator master
   of the elevator we have the necessity  that don't give service at our distinguishable guests."
 *This notice was placed on every table in the dining room of a hotel in Columbo, Sri Lanka: "All vegetables in this establishment have been washed in water especially passed by the management."
 *A dentist in Hongkong: "Teeth extracted by latest methodists."
 *Another elevator sign in Tokyo: "Keep your hands away from unnecessary buttons for you."
 *A hotel in Bucharest posted this notice: "The lift is being fixed for the next four days. During this time you will be unbearable."
 *Hotel Deutschland, Leipzig: "Do not enter the lift backwards and only when lit up."
 *From the bakery, Vale of Kashmir: First-class, English loafer."
 *From a little restaurant in Mexico City: "U.S. Hots Dog."
 *A barber in Tokyo: "All customers promptly executed."
 *The Restaurant des Artistes, Montmartre: "We serve five o'clock tea at all hours." :))

Don't you love this? What a delight! How about a hand for all those marvelous, wonderful people who have composed such signs and sentences! I only hope they never open any English dictionaries as long as they promise to keep on writing such notices. *

-moments to give devotional- by R. S