Saturday, June 30, 2012

I wonder

Everyone is entitled for a life insurance but I wonder who among my friends has one? I don't have any nor is near in getting one co'z I don't have the means to pay it. In the Philippines life insurance is only for those who can afford to pay or let's say.. the rich people. A person like me would never even think about it, much more those who only get hundred pesos pay for a day, it probably doesn't even heard. So funny but true. It's very  opposite in the West... where a life insurance is a must, reason why there are loads of  quotes online you can find specially at co'z every individual there must have one.

As for me I just let  God be my life insurance co'z there is no way here and now I can have one. I'd rather spend my money for  food and my baby's need than pay for a life insurance. But I totally recommend getting it to those who can afford. It's a must have... I must say.

Hotel Bathrooms

I was at Intercontinental hotel-Makati the other day.  It's not that it was me who checked in there. I stayed at my friend for the night co'z she was going back to Canada. Our first plan was to lay by the pool and so i brought my bathing suit, but to our dismay it rained. So instead we lie down on her bed, watch television and slept. I was actually excited to go swimming by the pool because of my baby Z. And because we were not able to swim we just let her splash at the bath tub.

I love hotel's shower room, in fact I just told my friend that I want something like it in my house. I wish my house is big so that I can have a bigger bathroom too. I wish I have a tab to have a tab top curtains and a cabinet full of soft comfy towels. Actually what I really wish is to have a room like a hotel.

Friday, June 29, 2012

It was her birthday

It was her birthday last Saturday and of course a midst all worries and anxieties  with the expenses was the main reason things went well and I thank God for that. We did not pay more than we thought we would pay even though we still pay more than what's in the contract. I had fun and it looks that my guest had fun too. My baby got loads of gifts from friends and relatives. She gets cash (which is very helpful. lol), clothes, shoes, learning materials and toys. She got this giraffe toy from her ninang, but this toy needs a battery to operate (wish I could go and get a battery now even if it's not a vtech batteries as long it can make this giraffe move).  I told hubby to buy but he kept on telling me too that what we need is our rechargeable battery which is with his sister, but her sister kept on forgetting to bring it here. So the toy is still sitting in the toy stand waiting to play with my baby Z. 

I so want a dress

I was telling my friend about how my very few formal dresses won't fit me anymore and attending formal occasions needs an effort for me. My friend and I planned about shopping for a dress but since we got so busy it never happened. So.. she instead told me to fit her dress and if it fits me its mine but sadly to say it didn't.

I facing two weddings in row this near end this year and it means I need to find a formal plus size dresses and doing that is no easy thing, I would rather go shops for shoes and shorts than shopping for dresses. I really hope that I'll able to trim my diet and at least lost a pound or two every week. :)


Yuppy..yuppy.. yup!
I really hope and pray that my heart will be forever thankful about those difficult people in my life. I hope I will indeed learn from them.

It is so true that those difficult people showed me what I do not want to be :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I can't wait anymore, I can't wait to finally move to our house (owned one). I can't help but think of what should I do to make it look wider and lovelier co'z I know it's really small. I am thinking now of to do with my kitchen since that's my place. I am planning to put more cabinets and cupboards. In fact I am convincing hubby to buy me a microwave oven now to lessen the stuff we're buying. I might as well buy some metal shelving to put my pans and other kitchen stuff.

But actually thinking of that house made me nervous as well as very excited. I really hope that we will get it soon. I pray that the built is good and durable for our security of course. I really can't wait!

Laundry day: a tough day

I did laundry for two consecutive days. It was two days because I did not wash our dirty clothes for two weeks. Just imagine two adults and a almost a toddler changed clothes twice a day (actually by baby would change three times plus other clothing we use for wiping). Indeed I have a room of it (of course exaggerating here).

I wish we have fire hose adapters so that I don't have to lift up the pails co'z doing this thing tire me more. Doing laundry here quite needs some effort, strength and courage. Goodness, the thought of it makes me weak. hahaha. i hope hubby would buy the hose adapter for me.

Poor eyesight

Hubby went to bring the van back at our office very early in the morning. He borrowed it to dropped our friends off at the airport, then he brought it to the house to dropped us off too. He also dropped his sister on where she could get a bus to her school going back to return the van. Trust me... hubby has loads of dropping job that early Tuesday morning. hahaha

He came home though a bit irritated because it took him all his voice yelling at his sister telling her that the bus coming her way was the right bus. On the other hand, his sister has poor eyesight and is badly needed of an eyeglasses reason why she hubby wanted to helped her find the right bus. How I wish I could buy her eyeglasses at for progressive eyeglasses.

Poor sister in law, she got scolded by older bro when she gets home from school. Ooh siblings!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Oo, wagas na katamaran ang aking nararamdaman sa kasalukuyan. Mabigat ang pakiramdam dahil kain ng kain wala naman ginagawa. Kaya.. eto, pahiga higa nalang habang nagco-computer. Hay... buhay tamad... nakakatamad.

Pero, in fairness naman, nung mga nakaraang araw ay marami din naman akong nagawa at napuntahan at kung anu-ano pang mga bagay na pinagkaabalahan. kaya siguro ngayon ko lang naramdaman ang matinding katamaran na ito.

Sana ngayon lang at mamaya ay wala na.

Friday, June 22, 2012

...tired shopping...

I went shopping with friends yesterday. It's not that I wanted to shop, I just accompanied my friends. I never knew that one of them was a shopaholic. It took us long time hopping from shops to shops because whenever she's about to pay her things, she founds something else. It's both funny and crazy plus so tiring and thirsty.

What was not good was I spent almost a thousand for a body bag not a leather briefcase (but this thing would be good for hubby). I also got a wallet, bought my baby some clothes and eat three times while we were at the mall. I've got a four thousand pesos on my wallet and when I look at it last night it's only just over a thousand I think. I couldn't believe myself that I was quite a spender. whoa!

Hubby is a bookkeeper...

...and so do I. Hubby has been doing the job for quite a while and I just got the job for a year. Hubby likes it but I don't and he does my work sometime (woo oh, don't get me wrong, he also get the payment). He is quite good at this thing even though he did not take any bookkeeping course while me on the other hand who has an accounting course but did not major on it has no patience in doing this job.

I actually believe that hubby needs an insurance for bookkeepers, but my question is, who would give him that. The church that he's been employed as a free lance bookkeeper cannot even give him/us our pay regularly. hahaha. He also does another book keeping job with our teams money and his allowance is on an off because of lack of funds. We are just thankful co'z the Lord we serve is never lacking of anything and has supply our needs according to His riches in heaven. I just love my Jesus.. my God!

I miss my games

I did not open my facebook account for a long time nor play my online games. I'm quite an "atta girl". But honestly, it's quite a struggle not to do it specially that we did not but lay down in our room and watched movies over this busted almost black and white television. My mind would sometimes tricked me though.

So there was this one time when I finally convinced my friends that we go online. I was hoping they would stay for long at the computer, but to my dismay, it took them just 10 minutes while I was still loads of things in mind to do. How I wish I could play my games though is was not from (but I'm hoping to visit them and see their games) but it was still good for me.

I'm planning next I go out of town, I'll bring my family and my netbook. Lol!

It was still fun!

I was away for three four days and three nights and all that time I was missed my baby Ziah. I left her to her dad's care while I was away to a beach.

Our trip was quite rough co'z many things happen to us like: we were not able to ride the last trip boat going to the place, we only have one bed to slept for the night and there were 3 of us (and we are not petite people). Then when we get finally to the beach we cannot even go near the sea co'z the waves was humongous. Our room was not that good co'z there is no shower.
But to sum it all: IT WAS FUN! I had great time

On our way home I took this picture. I took picture of the sea house, a very house like boat. But you can barely see it.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I like Summer but not the humid heat!

It's typhoon season already este just rainy season but ever since the first of June typhoon after typhoon is dropping by here in the Phils. How I long for the summer that passed by. I miss it (I mean just the sunny day though not the heat and humid). I have this feeling of going outside to do some picnicking.

Hubby was looking an outdoor table that is good to put outside specially if you have a big lawn where you can set up a picnic table and to make sure it won't worn out that easily don't forget to put a picnic table cover. It won't cover your table from unwanted dirt it will also make it good to look at.

Ooh summer.. come again please in a friendly way! :)

Hubby and his motorbike

I'm a woman and needs some women friends co'z there is no way I could live with just hubby and his thinking, stuff, likes and dislikes. Don't get me wrong: I love my husband that I would do anything in this world for him. But I cannot stand him all day twenty-four/seven. He will drive me crazy and mad.

I just realized that no matter how you want or love a person; may it be a friend, a family, children or a husband... you needed some time away from them or else you'll end up hating them for the rest of your life.

Just this morning hubby woke up, went outside to see his motorbike and found some ants eating his seats, that thing drove him mad and sad. Of course there's no one there to listen but me. It's not only about the ants but the whole thing about what's happening in all his gadget..y. He kept on telling me that some parts of his bike is broken and I don't know if it includes the linear bearings. I kept on telling him to go and let it fix but he doesn't go. So whenever he would whine about this thing again, I pretend I don't listen.

But its hard co'z I do listen and there's no way I can't co'z there's only me and him.

Wish to buy..

Hubby and I went to a mall yesterday to look for some clothes I could wear on my adorable little girl birthday. After we went shopping we also went to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping as well. We bought loads of grocery since we haven't done any grocery-ing for a month I think.

Well, what I really wan to say in here was how my though were filled during the motorbike ride going there. My mind brought me to think of my friends who has no motorbike and always needs assistance whenever we they need to go to the recording studio. My heart went up to them and made me wish I have more money to spend. In mind I was dreamed that I bought them a motorbike. I really wish it was true.

When hubby and his friends are together for sure there are only three topics they love to discuss: their music, their gadget and roll about scooter or motorbike. I wish our other two friends will gonna theirs too.

I pray that they'll get a house too. (near where we live!)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Good Real State Agent

I talked to this lady I've known for only a few weeks. She's nice, smart, gorgeous and wealthy. I actually can't believe that she told me her life story. I also don't know why I bumped into people who has money but needs a friend to tell their story or just what is in their mind. This happen to me before already and has happened again. I just pray that the Lord will indeed guide and bless them, and that in spite of their having money and material things, they will still see the need of Jesus in their lives.

She stayed in Singapore for fifteen years and worked there as a real state agent and she was very good at this and in fact loads of business people knew her. And because of it she accumulate loads of money and because she's good you can bring her anywhere even at Oak Island real estate and I'm sure she'll be good there as well.

Talking with her makes me made an assessment of what a rich business woman is thinking and doing and with that I don't think I'll fit in that rich man world.

Monday, June 11, 2012

One month one song

I went to the recording studio with hubby last night. I am not actually needed there co'z don't do anything. I go just to accompany hubby because I don't want him to come home alone and very late. I don't mind at all going to the studio specially when I have to see friends there.

It has been almost four weeks doing the first song but until today it is raw and not yet done. Our band team specially our band leader is so meticulous. I don't know how they figure out the difference of every guitar strums and drum beats co'z to me its all good.

If this band has only loads of money they probably have put up a studio themselves, then all that they would do is jam. Hubby would probably suggest that they should invest their money on gretsch acoustic guitars so that their sounds would be more interesting and I guess that majority of the band will agree.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We're four and still counting

Yesterday was our fourth wedding anniversary. And to celebrate it, hubby and I went to Tagaytay. While we were there we visited a park called picnic grove. We really did nothing there, we just sat down on the grass munch some chips and drink a bottle of buko shake. Sitting on the grass and looking at the sky and the beautiful taal volcano and lake was indeed a glorious one. It made think of a best backyard cabana actually. It made me wish of things I don't have. I praise God though co'z inspite of the earthly desires I have, He makes me feel contented and thankful for what I have.

Then when dinner time came hubby and I went to chicboy restaurant to eat. This is not a fancy restaurant just any food chain like mcdonalds, but since we haven't been to this... and friends told us that it's really good there, we decided to dine there. The food was good but I would be delighted if it's jollibee chicken joy instead. Lol!

After the dinner we went to starbucks for caramel machiato and a slice of cheesecake. It was indeed a beautiful day.

Thank you Lord!