Thursday, December 19, 2013

Is still sick

..but has to work. When I'm sick it feels like my brain is sick as well co's it doesn't function for work well. Funny as it may sound but it really happens to me.

Now.. since the bosses are somewhere far and no one would take care office work and plus I'm past deadlines I'm kinda forced to stay here at the office and do works. I'm just thankful that I can bring my family here and happy can help me too.

If only I have enough money in the bank for house loan, car, credit  payment and other monthly payments I might have stop working and let hubby to the work alone. So since I don't have the luxury to not come to work even for just a week. I'm here working no matter if I'm sick or my little girl is sick.

I'm not complaining... just saying.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Naka move-on ka na.... kuya mo di pa.  Hubby has issues with his family, he was hurt badly when his sister said bad things about him inspite of teh support he gave to his family monthly. Now he stops all support but the house rent co's if he stop that too his family will end up living in the street.
So sad for siblings to have misunderstanding for it's kids that are being affected the most. I hope they'll reconcile soon.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Doy and the baby

I don't know what will happen with hubby and my little girl when they'll be alone. Hubby for sure would wish that I'm home or would come home even before his wishing ends.  He is already sad thinking him and the  baby would just be alone. It's the same with me as well. Whenever hubby left for days I always wish he's home helping me looking after my girl.
Wish I could go and shop or push  rock n roller cart at musicians friend for hubby. Wish I could bring hubby and the girl with me wherever I go. :(

Going home in 6 days...

...for 4 days. I'm turn between hope it will come fast and hope it won't come. If you want to ask me why?... my answer is "I don't know!"  There are days that things are like this.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wondering when

No fridge, no couch, no oven. The room is not painted yet, the ceiling fan still sitting on the floor. Christmas decorations are waiting to get serve and some stuff are patiently waiting for its turn to be organize. Lot's of things to do with so little time. One week of busyness and another week again of being away from the family. Super sigh!
Still I cannot wait to see a new table in our dining room with a beautiful linen on top of it. I will try to  find cheap table skirting and see what I can do. I'm hoping that things would be great the coming year. :)

1 down and one week more to go

The parties had just begun. We did one yesterday with 150 kids at a church in Caloocan and as I am looking at our schedules of parties there's a week more to go. I really have done anything big with the parties, all I did yesterday was stood by the loot bags  watching over them like a guard. I probably have gone old or something because I'm not that enthusiastic as before or probably I have totally pass on the baton with the younger staff.... either or I don't know.
I probably is just a little bit sick.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just what he likes

He's been telling me if he could buy a new guitar or I buy it for him as a gift. Even though that we don't have the money yet my hubby has been browsing, looking and reading  about the guitar he wants. I really hope that someday I'll be able to buy one for him.

Hubby is a good lead guitar player and of course no question that I'm his number one fan and probably forever fan. For sure he will forever love me if I get him this hollow body guitar. Sigh! I'm now wishing I have a really really high salary so that I could get this for him.

I so needed this

Honestly.. I want to encourage myself because I felt being left out already. ( I mean with my Christian life). I don't go to church on Sunday's because my church is far from my home and I don't feel I belong  to the churches nearby.Hope we can find a church or start a church.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mommy's Little Model

My baby is sick right now: she has mumps, colds, coughs and fever. I don't how come these sickness all came together. If I could only get of all her un-wellness,after all being sick a reasonable excuse not work :D. Actually before the sickness happens we (hubby and I) brought her to a nearby mall to play, bought her a shoes like mommy and a watch that play songs.
She really likes what she'd got and when Daddy took picture of her... she poses like a model.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hooked up!

Woke very early this morning, went to read my Bible, listen to some beautiful songs, swept and moped the floor, washed the dishes including the coffee maker, showered and now do some blogging updates. I also washed my clothes while I was in the bathroom, but realized that there's nothing to hang it on.

Now on my list of supplies to buy for the office includes hooks and a cap screw just to make sure that the next I needed stuff like these I know where to get it.

Actually we have two paintings here too that is waiting for a hook that would hooked them up to the wall. Sigh... for sure my  boss is just waiting for me to put them  somewhere on the wall. It's just I don't know how and whom should I asked to do it.

It's beautiful paintings but looking at it wearies me already.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Feeling in another world

Being a working mom with a two year old girl being left at people to look after... is not easy, even though we'll say they are family. 

Hubby and I needs to come to work and so we left our adorable girl with her tita and tito, tita just gave birth to her first born and still in recovery stage, tito has no work but has to do all the household chores. With Ziah with them.. tita become very stressed because Ziah is being hard to take care of.

I felt very bad for her (tita) and her (Ziah). I soooo wan to get a nanny for my baby but since we are helping the in-laws financially... we.. cannot now afford to hire a nanny anymore.

When I'm struck with such thoughts... I became  ugly co's my thoughts are ugly. :(

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Files security

I just read and article on yahoo news regarding a famous married male celebrity whose sex video became viral just a week ago I think. At first I thought it was just joke or something. I never thought that guy could do such things co's I don't see him like that, he's some kind of wholesome to me.

My curiosity leads me to reading article about him and the scandal. Well, it seems that it was really him on the video, then what saddened me more is.. this person has a family. So sad that some married man can easily do such "concubinage"  thing.

Well even do I don't do such thing.. I mean... I am  a married woman and don't record intimate moments with hubby but I do have some important files on my computer and cellphones. Then with my work today I think I needed some Computer Security, a password to every file probably.

I am no computer expert but I hope I can learn on how to protect my files from being taken or hacked without my permission.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hubby is sick

He's sick today and I'm hoping that tomorrow he'll get over that sickness. I so need him tomorrow.  I am hoping and praying that we'll be in the same work, same office and same company together. 

I pray that the Lord will grant me the desire of my heart and hear my prayers.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Good times with old friends

I remember once reading a facebook wall post from an old friends saying "discard not an old friend for the new one cannot equal them" then followed by posting up our college pictures. Reading that made me realized that I haven't seen these friends of mine for a long time and I haven't even taken a time to call for simple "hi and hello" thing, I have not take any  effort at all.

I actually thought all was well until just recently when we finally had a get-together when I found out that they have bad feelings about me. Of course at first I don't wanna accept it and don't want to take all the blame until I realized that it was actually have done wrong.

So now I'm reconnecting.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Need a bigger place

At last I was able to attend church last Sunday amidst rainfall and a restless two year old. I was amazed on how the church had grown. There are things though that I have noticed: that we needed at least two ceiling fans, we need more monoblock chairs,  and a bigger place because the one we are using right now is too small already. Some people are almost outside the house standing.

Aside from the things I have mentioned that seems an urgent need of our church, we also in need of a keyboard, an new guitar, a new microphones, and a speaker like yamaha msp 7 at musician's friend. I really hope and pray that the Lord would give us all these things and if He won't I pray that He instead satisfies our hearts.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Tibet your my next

When you dream and you give that dream to God, then you forgot about it, but what you didn't realized God is making a way for you to finally live in the dream you once offer to Him.

It was my dream and actually still are that someday I'll be able to set foot on China. I actually don't know how it would happen but the dream remains in my heart as I wait upon the Lord, till one day He opens a way.

I haven't been there yet but I know it will come... at least the Lord has let me see a glimpse of it.

somewhere in China (Tibet)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Could be a perfect gift

My neighbour is busy setting up tables and chairs in front of their house which is also in front of ours. It's the first birthday of their son AJ and my daughter Ziah is invited to it. I am excited co'z I think this is the first b-day party that she would attend.

I'm a little worried as well co's we haven't get a gift yet for the celebrant and we can't think of anything that  suits our budget. I am ashamed to go without a gift for him. A gold tone banjo would be a perfect gift if only I can afford it. Times like this makes me wish I have more than enough can to spend on good stuff.

Well, who knows I might still get this banjo thing for my baby someday.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Here in the office

Staring at some financial report and hoping by that I can work at it and give them the satisfaction of my report. Sometimes my mind fails me to quickly understand what people wants me to do. I’m not sure if I’m slow or just a little lazy thinking about things specially if I have done it a hundred times already in my head and they want me to do it again. It’s not that I don’t want to not do what they wanted me to do… it’s just me thinking that I have to do it again.
Doing same things over and over again is so  boring. I love being at the office but there are times that I love being outside as well.

Another weird thing is…. I love being alone here in the office, I love the quietness co’s by then I have more room to think. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My baby

The reason of it all.
On Saturday I will be going to an island with some American friends, I've been to this place sometime when I was in college but for some reason I have forgotten what it look like. So knowing I'm going there makes me feel excited. But hubby on the other hand was sad because he's not coming with us and he wanted to come too.

Yesterday during the meeting I have mentioned my Ziah during my time of testimony, then the big boss got interested of meeting my beautiful one. So my team leader, my department boss decided to include my hubby and our girl to the trip. :)

This baby of mine is in her two's and when you say she's two means she is very active. Wish I could bring with me a seat belt cutter just in case something something at least we're ready. We never know what a toddler gotta do.

Laos... here he comes

On the 15th hubby and four other more are going to Laos for a mission trip. Hubby did not raise money for this trip because no one just to send the support letter. Everyone we know supports a ministry and to asked for another extra feels like a lot for them to bear and for us to bear. So the team leader decided to lend my hubby money so he could come since he's the coordinator of these trip.

I don't actually don't like this idea of hubby being in debt with the ministry, so hubby we decided that hubby would not go with them, anyway there are two leaders more excluding hubby. Well.. she said he should come.. so there goes hubby with a debt left behind and he would face as well when he comes back.

So annoying... some people are just simply annoying.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's raining again

Almost everyday hubby and I wonder what time would it rain co's it rains everyday here. Last week I almost came home soaking wet every night from work. No wonder I feel like I getting colds last night.

Having just a motorcycle to get to work with an hour plus travel time, I think I really need a waterproof stuffs with me, like; bags, shoes, and raincoats. Actually specially the shoes, I cannot stand wearing a wet shoes in the office for ten hours. I'm thinking of getting a sandals where I will just use in the office. I might look and see at orthaheel sandals sale. They maybe have something for me. :)

No pictures... just a pond memory

I don't why I did not took pictures on my celfone or on my ipod when I went to the province to see my Dad.  As in nothing. Honestly I even lose weight when I was there. Don't know if it's because of stress or my metabolism just acted weird and work fast.

I hope to go back though if not again this year hopefully next year God's permit.

Monday, May 20, 2013

It's 6:20 and hungry for pizza

This is exactly what I wanted for a breakfast.. today's breakfast. How I wish I munching pizza right now.
Gutom much here :(.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Exercising my right

Even our body says; 'no don't go!' But my will is strong enough to go and did it. The queue was long and the picos machines are broken I still wait to get served and exercise my right to vote. The inked used in my finger is still here, it still leaves a mark that shows I care for the government.

The person I strongly supported may not have gotten into the top 8, but I'm still happy and satisfied with the results knowing God has a divine reasons and purpose.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We're five this June

Time flies so quickly and I almost can't believe it that hubby and I will be turning five years on the 6th of next month. I soo want to go back and check in again to that very hotel where we stayed the night after our wedding. I can't help but reminisce the day I got married. Those were indeed one of the most beautiful and memorable days of my life.

If I could do it again in the future I want it the same way still, the same people to share with and same venue. I might just change one thing and that is my wedding band co's this time I'll be getting it at tungsten wedding bands from JewelryVortex. We are wearing the ring still though but since I have grown in size too it almost don't fit anymore.

I hope and pray that hubby will surprise with something that will really surprise me. :D

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Home and busy

I almost got problems with hubby's schedule. It really bugs me when he's always busy. Well he's been away for a week and when he got home I can't still get hold of him. After away for a week, he is now again preparing a another week out of town ministry. I have no problem with ministries co's I know we need to do that but when ministry eats up family time... that's when the problem arise.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hubby is leaving for the Youth Camp

The camp will start tomorrow until Friday, and since it's less than two hours flight from Manila hubby will come home Saturday night. While hubby is away, my baby and I will also going away to stay with a friend and her two kids. It would be a good time for bonding co's our hubby's are away.

Hubby's bag are packed and soon he will be heading for the airport. I just hope and pray that he'll have no problem with his luggage specially with the airport securities.  He doesn't have anything illegal on his stuff though but honestly every time those vibration thing vibrates it makes my heart race. I wonder if they use a vibration levelers for that co's every time I'm under security I really feel nervous.

All I pray is hubby would have great time with the youth in the camp and I and my daughter on the other hand would have great time too with our friends.

It's gonna be a fun week. Yahoo!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Batanes: your on my mind now :)

My Aparri fantasy is over now, been to the place and don't see any exciting thing with the place. It's a common place nothing compare to the places I've been.
The place may have not struck my heart but... the people are. If I have to go back to that place someday again... it's because of the friendship I have created there.
Honestly.... I have enjoyed the WAVES  and I praise GOD for it!

Aparri 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

Old men love cigars

I'm just wondering why most old people specially those in the province loves smoking cigars. I don't know if it's about old age or just simply the taste, but most people I know love smoking cigars. I think they might like the taste of swisher sweets little cigars too.

I just hope that I will not try any of these since I don't have the money for this too plus when I try something I have this tendency for addiction and I cannot afford to risk my health for that.

My mind is tired

I still have more to do specially the thinking thing. I still need to do one more posting and I'll be good. I really need more money because there's a lot of people to help for. It's not that they are expecting the help but I just felt I needed to share since when the Lord blesses me...He really gives me more.

Still eating no rice

My fast is over and yet I am not eating rice again, I just ate rice when I'm on a get together. I do it so that I can't spoil the the gathering, but when I'm in my house I eat veggies and really don't eat rice so that I can keep the no rice habit.

Soon I'll be away and be with friends for a week, for sure I'll be eating no rice co's they'll be offering rice. I'll eat it co's I don't like explaining all the the time for I know some people just don't understand the meaning of no rice diet. If only I can find yoga dvds and do yoga with friends even just once a week would really a great  thing.

Swim wear for my little girl

I need to go last minute shopping for my little girl swim wear for our little beach swimming party tomorrow or the next day. I really just hope that I can find it quickly before hubby changes his mind.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Summer wear

It's gloomy outside but it's too hot inside the house. I woke early today and headed the shower right away. The cold water refreshes me and the feeling was good. Then even I know that some people would ridicule me if they see me with my tank top I wear mine anyway because of too  much hotness I feel.

Wish I'm on a beach right now and having so much fun with the water. I wish too that I can go skiing and and wear a beautiful Ski Clothing, but I know that even though I'll be in the water but I cannot go skiing co's I don't know how.

So sad that even though I live in a beautiful place that is surrounded with water but don't know how to do such amazing things.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Customized cross stitch

Yup, the picture is done and bluetoothed to hubby's phone for print later. I am so excited about this project of mine. I'll be doing Psalms 23 which I have memorized by heart. I'll be cross stitching this gorgeous in no time. I am actually hoping that it won't cost that much.

Well anyway, I don't really care about the cost because I'll doing this for my house. I really hope I'll finish this project of mine and I'll have time too to do this since next month I'll be back to the office world.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tired of listening her rants

There we go again! She, let's call her She rants, whines and yell again. She say something not nice towards a person, no matter who that person is, she'll just want to say something that is not nice. I told already about it, we've talk about it many times but it seems that she's just not making a step or an action towards her whats hurting her.

I'm tired seeing the same thing happen with her and I have no compassion anymore, in fact I'm annoyed and wanting to go away. How I wish I could send her to an inpatient rehab centers (not for drugs though) but something about troubled mindset. How could a person endure just pain, hardship, shame and so much bitterness inside of her. Yet don't do anything when people say and does nasty things to her.

I am just of listening!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

For I am pursuaded

This is a beautiful reminder on how beautiful God's love is and no matter what we do, nothing... just nothing can separate us from the love of God. It's just us who fell being unloved because of the sin that's come between the Lord and us. 

God's love never fails... ever!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hope this will help

I'm still in the right mood today. I yelled at hubby this morning for the same reason as the issue yesterday. My anger has not left me yet even though I lift it up in prayer this morning. The issue with the house is not resolve yet and its driving me crazy. I so want to move now, move to lesser expenses.

I wish I have these chocolates to give me happy feeling.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Hubby is complaining about having a severe headache these past few days. The thing is he just loved to blame me to anything that happens with him and it really annoys me. Then his mom told him that it might be because of his eyes and probably he needed an eye check up.

So now he is planning to visit an optical or I might suggest that he check this to know more about his eyes problem. I really hope that it would be treated the soonest possible to save him from more eye damage or issues.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Well Guarded

I'm doing laundry, blogging, watching "Pinoy Abroad" segment on channel 11 and taking care of my baby girl at the same time.  It seems that I'm doing a multitasking thing here, but it's no easy I tell you.

I think I will finish my laundry for a long time. Actually if I do this without being disturb by girl it won't  make me three hours. Today I started at eight and it's ten thirty already and nothing yet is being done.  I am well guarded.. her eyes are on me, looking at me, studying my every move and trying to pretend she doesn't... but the moment I move she quickly follows.

Wish me well! :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Freely given

I'm listening Chris Tomlin's songs and I'm inspired to get going again knowing God has given me the freedom to do anything that is righteous and godly.
Indeed we must give our love and understanding to others as God has freely given to us all these things.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dreaming of a Pool

I am in front of my netbook that is on top of our dining table browsing up the web looking for an online opps that would help us buy the things we want for our new house.

Our house:  this is sometimes the root of hubby's and mine deep arguments. I hate to think that up to the moment we were not able to get the house still, and we were not able to start interior beautification and stuff.  How I dream that I have so much money to buy a big house with a backyard pool where my baby can go swimming and even learn her swimming lesson there. For sure I'll be getting a intellichlor salt cell for it to help maintain the water.

Of course... I'm just dreaming big co's my house is just small, in fact too even small for a laundry area and a dirty kitchen. deep sigh!

Missing some good things

...and that's nothing but good memories with good friends. 
...a place would never as beautiful again without the presence of friends who made that place a beautiful one.

hubby's striking a pose here. :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Snippits of My Bicol Trip

Some pix's of the things we've done when were in Bicol. 
How we wish we had more time. 
This was taken when we where in "camsur-wakeboarding park".

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scary Much!

Just a few days back in a nearby place, in fact the place where my sister-in-law lives there was a massacre. My sister-in-law fiance' knew very much the person who did the shooting and the person whom is accused of being the bullet re-loader. He killed 11 person and the killer was killed by the police too.

It's scary to know that the person in your neighborhood could do such thing without you knowing it. I don't want to say that good thing he got killed co's it's not proper to say that, but definitely is more people is relieve to know that he's not somewhere hiding and wandering, and the policemen doesn't need to add him on the find criminal background checks list anymore. This case is considered close, I'm just sorry though to the families of the victims co's for sure they're grieving right now. A sorry won't just do anything.

I just hope comfort is coming their way.

The cry of my heart

I miss my quiet time with God co's I don't normally do it anymore. I have no excuse... i am guilty and and need God to help me with it again. I like my "me and God" time so much.