Monday, March 25, 2013

Old men love cigars

I'm just wondering why most old people specially those in the province loves smoking cigars. I don't know if it's about old age or just simply the taste, but most people I know love smoking cigars. I think they might like the taste of swisher sweets little cigars too.

I just hope that I will not try any of these since I don't have the money for this too plus when I try something I have this tendency for addiction and I cannot afford to risk my health for that.

My mind is tired

I still have more to do specially the thinking thing. I still need to do one more posting and I'll be good. I really need more money because there's a lot of people to help for. It's not that they are expecting the help but I just felt I needed to share since when the Lord blesses me...He really gives me more.

Still eating no rice

My fast is over and yet I am not eating rice again, I just ate rice when I'm on a get together. I do it so that I can't spoil the the gathering, but when I'm in my house I eat veggies and really don't eat rice so that I can keep the no rice habit.

Soon I'll be away and be with friends for a week, for sure I'll be eating no rice co's they'll be offering rice. I'll eat it co's I don't like explaining all the the time for I know some people just don't understand the meaning of no rice diet. If only I can find yoga dvds and do yoga with friends even just once a week would really a great  thing.

Swim wear for my little girl

I need to go last minute shopping for my little girl swim wear for our little beach swimming party tomorrow or the next day. I really just hope that I can find it quickly before hubby changes his mind.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Summer wear

It's gloomy outside but it's too hot inside the house. I woke early today and headed the shower right away. The cold water refreshes me and the feeling was good. Then even I know that some people would ridicule me if they see me with my tank top I wear mine anyway because of too  much hotness I feel.

Wish I'm on a beach right now and having so much fun with the water. I wish too that I can go skiing and and wear a beautiful Ski Clothing, but I know that even though I'll be in the water but I cannot go skiing co's I don't know how.

So sad that even though I live in a beautiful place that is surrounded with water but don't know how to do such amazing things.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Customized cross stitch

Yup, the picture is done and bluetoothed to hubby's phone for print later. I am so excited about this project of mine. I'll be doing Psalms 23 which I have memorized by heart. I'll be cross stitching this gorgeous in no time. I am actually hoping that it won't cost that much.

Well anyway, I don't really care about the cost because I'll doing this for my house. I really hope I'll finish this project of mine and I'll have time too to do this since next month I'll be back to the office world.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tired of listening her rants

There we go again! She, let's call her She rants, whines and yell again. She say something not nice towards a person, no matter who that person is, she'll just want to say something that is not nice. I told already about it, we've talk about it many times but it seems that she's just not making a step or an action towards her whats hurting her.

I'm tired seeing the same thing happen with her and I have no compassion anymore, in fact I'm annoyed and wanting to go away. How I wish I could send her to an inpatient rehab centers (not for drugs though) but something about troubled mindset. How could a person endure just pain, hardship, shame and so much bitterness inside of her. Yet don't do anything when people say and does nasty things to her.

I am just of listening!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

For I am pursuaded

This is a beautiful reminder on how beautiful God's love is and no matter what we do, nothing... just nothing can separate us from the love of God. It's just us who fell being unloved because of the sin that's come between the Lord and us. 

God's love never fails... ever!