Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tired of listening her rants

There we go again! She, let's call her She rants, whines and yell again. She say something not nice towards a person, no matter who that person is, she'll just want to say something that is not nice. I told already about it, we've talk about it many times but it seems that she's just not making a step or an action towards her whats hurting her.

I'm tired seeing the same thing happen with her and I have no compassion anymore, in fact I'm annoyed and wanting to go away. How I wish I could send her to an inpatient rehab centers (not for drugs though) but something about troubled mindset. How could a person endure just pain, hardship, shame and so much bitterness inside of her. Yet don't do anything when people say and does nasty things to her.

I am just of listening!

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