Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My baby

The reason of it all.
On Saturday I will be going to an island with some American friends, I've been to this place sometime when I was in college but for some reason I have forgotten what it look like. So knowing I'm going there makes me feel excited. But hubby on the other hand was sad because he's not coming with us and he wanted to come too.

Yesterday during the meeting I have mentioned my Ziah during my time of testimony, then the big boss got interested of meeting my beautiful one. So my team leader, my department boss decided to include my hubby and our girl to the trip. :)

This baby of mine is in her two's and when you say she's two means she is very active. Wish I could bring with me a seat belt cutter just in case something something at least we're ready. We never know what a toddler gotta do.

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