Monday, September 30, 2013

Feeling in another world

Being a working mom with a two year old girl being left at people to look after... is not easy, even though we'll say they are family. 

Hubby and I needs to come to work and so we left our adorable girl with her tita and tito, tita just gave birth to her first born and still in recovery stage, tito has no work but has to do all the household chores. With Ziah with them.. tita become very stressed because Ziah is being hard to take care of.

I felt very bad for her (tita) and her (Ziah). I soooo wan to get a nanny for my baby but since we are helping the in-laws financially... we.. cannot now afford to hire a nanny anymore.

When I'm struck with such thoughts... I became  ugly co's my thoughts are ugly. :(

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Files security

I just read and article on yahoo news regarding a famous married male celebrity whose sex video became viral just a week ago I think. At first I thought it was just joke or something. I never thought that guy could do such things co's I don't see him like that, he's some kind of wholesome to me.

My curiosity leads me to reading article about him and the scandal. Well, it seems that it was really him on the video, then what saddened me more is.. this person has a family. So sad that some married man can easily do such "concubinage"  thing.

Well even do I don't do such thing.. I mean... I am  a married woman and don't record intimate moments with hubby but I do have some important files on my computer and cellphones. Then with my work today I think I needed some Computer Security, a password to every file probably.

I am no computer expert but I hope I can learn on how to protect my files from being taken or hacked without my permission.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hubby is sick

He's sick today and I'm hoping that tomorrow he'll get over that sickness. I so need him tomorrow.  I am hoping and praying that we'll be in the same work, same office and same company together. 

I pray that the Lord will grant me the desire of my heart and hear my prayers.