Monday, October 21, 2013

Hooked up!

Woke very early this morning, went to read my Bible, listen to some beautiful songs, swept and moped the floor, washed the dishes including the coffee maker, showered and now do some blogging updates. I also washed my clothes while I was in the bathroom, but realized that there's nothing to hang it on.

Now on my list of supplies to buy for the office includes hooks and a cap screw just to make sure that the next I needed stuff like these I know where to get it.

Actually we have two paintings here too that is waiting for a hook that would hooked them up to the wall. Sigh... for sure my  boss is just waiting for me to put them  somewhere on the wall. It's just I don't know how and whom should I asked to do it.

It's beautiful paintings but looking at it wearies me already.

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