Thursday, December 19, 2013

Is still sick

..but has to work. When I'm sick it feels like my brain is sick as well co's it doesn't function for work well. Funny as it may sound but it really happens to me.

Now.. since the bosses are somewhere far and no one would take care office work and plus I'm past deadlines I'm kinda forced to stay here at the office and do works. I'm just thankful that I can bring my family here and happy can help me too.

If only I have enough money in the bank for house loan, car, credit  payment and other monthly payments I might have stop working and let hubby to the work alone. So since I don't have the luxury to not come to work even for just a week. I'm here working no matter if I'm sick or my little girl is sick.

I'm not complaining... just saying.

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