Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dreaming of a Pool

I am in front of my netbook that is on top of our dining table browsing up the web looking for an online opps that would help us buy the things we want for our new house.

Our house:  this is sometimes the root of hubby's and mine deep arguments. I hate to think that up to the moment we were not able to get the house still, and we were not able to start interior beautification and stuff.  How I dream that I have so much money to buy a big house with a backyard pool where my baby can go swimming and even learn her swimming lesson there. For sure I'll be getting a intellichlor salt cell for it to help maintain the water.

Of course... I'm just dreaming big co's my house is just small, in fact too even small for a laundry area and a dirty kitchen. deep sigh!

Missing some good things

...and that's nothing but good memories with good friends. 
...a place would never as beautiful again without the presence of friends who made that place a beautiful one.

hubby's striking a pose here. :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Snippits of My Bicol Trip

Some pix's of the things we've done when were in Bicol. 
How we wish we had more time. 
This was taken when we where in "camsur-wakeboarding park".

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scary Much!

Just a few days back in a nearby place, in fact the place where my sister-in-law lives there was a massacre. My sister-in-law fiance' knew very much the person who did the shooting and the person whom is accused of being the bullet re-loader. He killed 11 person and the killer was killed by the police too.

It's scary to know that the person in your neighborhood could do such thing without you knowing it. I don't want to say that good thing he got killed co's it's not proper to say that, but definitely is more people is relieve to know that he's not somewhere hiding and wandering, and the policemen doesn't need to add him on the find criminal background checks list anymore. This case is considered close, I'm just sorry though to the families of the victims co's for sure they're grieving right now. A sorry won't just do anything.

I just hope comfort is coming their way.

The cry of my heart

I miss my quiet time with God co's I don't normally do it anymore. I have no excuse... i am guilty and and need God to help me with it again. I like my "me and God" time so much.