Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Home and busy

I almost got problems with hubby's schedule. It really bugs me when he's always busy. Well he's been away for a week and when he got home I can't still get hold of him. After away for a week, he is now again preparing a another week out of town ministry. I have no problem with ministries co's I know we need to do that but when ministry eats up family time... that's when the problem arise.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hubby is leaving for the Youth Camp

The camp will start tomorrow until Friday, and since it's less than two hours flight from Manila hubby will come home Saturday night. While hubby is away, my baby and I will also going away to stay with a friend and her two kids. It would be a good time for bonding co's our hubby's are away.

Hubby's bag are packed and soon he will be heading for the airport. I just hope and pray that he'll have no problem with his luggage specially with the airport securities.  He doesn't have anything illegal on his stuff though but honestly every time those vibration thing vibrates it makes my heart race. I wonder if they use a vibration levelers for that co's every time I'm under security I really feel nervous.

All I pray is hubby would have great time with the youth in the camp and I and my daughter on the other hand would have great time too with our friends.

It's gonna be a fun week. Yahoo!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Batanes: your on my mind now :)

My Aparri fantasy is over now, been to the place and don't see any exciting thing with the place. It's a common place nothing compare to the places I've been.
The place may have not struck my heart but... the people are. If I have to go back to that place someday again... it's because of the friendship I have created there.
Honestly.... I have enjoyed the WAVES  and I praise GOD for it!

Aparri 2013