Friday, July 26, 2013

Could be a perfect gift

My neighbour is busy setting up tables and chairs in front of their house which is also in front of ours. It's the first birthday of their son AJ and my daughter Ziah is invited to it. I am excited co'z I think this is the first b-day party that she would attend.

I'm a little worried as well co's we haven't get a gift yet for the celebrant and we can't think of anything that  suits our budget. I am ashamed to go without a gift for him. A gold tone banjo would be a perfect gift if only I can afford it. Times like this makes me wish I have more than enough can to spend on good stuff.

Well, who knows I might still get this banjo thing for my baby someday.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Here in the office

Staring at some financial report and hoping by that I can work at it and give them the satisfaction of my report. Sometimes my mind fails me to quickly understand what people wants me to do. I’m not sure if I’m slow or just a little lazy thinking about things specially if I have done it a hundred times already in my head and they want me to do it again. It’s not that I don’t want to not do what they wanted me to do… it’s just me thinking that I have to do it again.
Doing same things over and over again is so  boring. I love being at the office but there are times that I love being outside as well.

Another weird thing is…. I love being alone here in the office, I love the quietness co’s by then I have more room to think. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My baby

The reason of it all.
On Saturday I will be going to an island with some American friends, I've been to this place sometime when I was in college but for some reason I have forgotten what it look like. So knowing I'm going there makes me feel excited. But hubby on the other hand was sad because he's not coming with us and he wanted to come too.

Yesterday during the meeting I have mentioned my Ziah during my time of testimony, then the big boss got interested of meeting my beautiful one. So my team leader, my department boss decided to include my hubby and our girl to the trip. :)

This baby of mine is in her two's and when you say she's two means she is very active. Wish I could bring with me a seat belt cutter just in case something something at least we're ready. We never know what a toddler gotta do.

Laos... here he comes

On the 15th hubby and four other more are going to Laos for a mission trip. Hubby did not raise money for this trip because no one just to send the support letter. Everyone we know supports a ministry and to asked for another extra feels like a lot for them to bear and for us to bear. So the team leader decided to lend my hubby money so he could come since he's the coordinator of these trip.

I don't actually don't like this idea of hubby being in debt with the ministry, so hubby we decided that hubby would not go with them, anyway there are two leaders more excluding hubby. Well.. she said he should come.. so there goes hubby with a debt left behind and he would face as well when he comes back.

So annoying... some people are just simply annoying.