Friday, August 23, 2013

Good times with old friends

I remember once reading a facebook wall post from an old friends saying "discard not an old friend for the new one cannot equal them" then followed by posting up our college pictures. Reading that made me realized that I haven't seen these friends of mine for a long time and I haven't even taken a time to call for simple "hi and hello" thing, I have not take any  effort at all.

I actually thought all was well until just recently when we finally had a get-together when I found out that they have bad feelings about me. Of course at first I don't wanna accept it and don't want to take all the blame until I realized that it was actually have done wrong.

So now I'm reconnecting.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Need a bigger place

At last I was able to attend church last Sunday amidst rainfall and a restless two year old. I was amazed on how the church had grown. There are things though that I have noticed: that we needed at least two ceiling fans, we need more monoblock chairs,  and a bigger place because the one we are using right now is too small already. Some people are almost outside the house standing.

Aside from the things I have mentioned that seems an urgent need of our church, we also in need of a keyboard, an new guitar, a new microphones, and a speaker like yamaha msp 7 at musician's friend. I really hope and pray that the Lord would give us all these things and if He won't I pray that He instead satisfies our hearts.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Tibet your my next

When you dream and you give that dream to God, then you forgot about it, but what you didn't realized God is making a way for you to finally live in the dream you once offer to Him.

It was my dream and actually still are that someday I'll be able to set foot on China. I actually don't know how it would happen but the dream remains in my heart as I wait upon the Lord, till one day He opens a way.

I haven't been there yet but I know it will come... at least the Lord has let me see a glimpse of it.

somewhere in China (Tibet)