Thursday, November 28, 2013

Naka move-on ka na.... kuya mo di pa.  Hubby has issues with his family, he was hurt badly when his sister said bad things about him inspite of teh support he gave to his family monthly. Now he stops all support but the house rent co's if he stop that too his family will end up living in the street.
So sad for siblings to have misunderstanding for it's kids that are being affected the most. I hope they'll reconcile soon.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Doy and the baby

I don't know what will happen with hubby and my little girl when they'll be alone. Hubby for sure would wish that I'm home or would come home even before his wishing ends.  He is already sad thinking him and the  baby would just be alone. It's the same with me as well. Whenever hubby left for days I always wish he's home helping me looking after my girl.
Wish I could go and shop or push  rock n roller cart at musicians friend for hubby. Wish I could bring hubby and the girl with me wherever I go. :(

Going home in 6 days...

...for 4 days. I'm turn between hope it will come fast and hope it won't come. If you want to ask me why?... my answer is "I don't know!"  There are days that things are like this.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wondering when

No fridge, no couch, no oven. The room is not painted yet, the ceiling fan still sitting on the floor. Christmas decorations are waiting to get serve and some stuff are patiently waiting for its turn to be organize. Lot's of things to do with so little time. One week of busyness and another week again of being away from the family. Super sigh!
Still I cannot wait to see a new table in our dining room with a beautiful linen on top of it. I will try to  find cheap table skirting and see what I can do. I'm hoping that things would be great the coming year. :)

1 down and one week more to go

The parties had just begun. We did one yesterday with 150 kids at a church in Caloocan and as I am looking at our schedules of parties there's a week more to go. I really have done anything big with the parties, all I did yesterday was stood by the loot bags  watching over them like a guard. I probably have gone old or something because I'm not that enthusiastic as before or probably I have totally pass on the baton with the younger staff.... either or I don't know.
I probably is just a little bit sick.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just what he likes

He's been telling me if he could buy a new guitar or I buy it for him as a gift. Even though that we don't have the money yet my hubby has been browsing, looking and reading  about the guitar he wants. I really hope that someday I'll be able to buy one for him.

Hubby is a good lead guitar player and of course no question that I'm his number one fan and probably forever fan. For sure he will forever love me if I get him this hollow body guitar. Sigh! I'm now wishing I have a really really high salary so that I could get this for him.

I so needed this

Honestly.. I want to encourage myself because I felt being left out already. ( I mean with my Christian life). I don't go to church on Sunday's because my church is far from my home and I don't feel I belong  to the churches nearby.Hope we can find a church or start a church.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mommy's Little Model

My baby is sick right now: she has mumps, colds, coughs and fever. I don't how come these sickness all came together. If I could only get of all her un-wellness,after all being sick a reasonable excuse not work :D. Actually before the sickness happens we (hubby and I) brought her to a nearby mall to play, bought her a shoes like mommy and a watch that play songs.
She really likes what she'd got and when Daddy took picture of her... she poses like a model.